Fans at the Tour de France show up in every color

Superhero costumes, bunny outfits, shirtless.

Tour de France spectators come in every color.

Few major sports events allow fans to get as close to athletes as the Tour does and many spectators use the opportunity to make a road-side statement. Others calmly look on while enjoying a picnic or some local wine and cheese.

Tour organizers estimate that 10 to 12 million spectators line the route each year.

The Tour doesn’t charge any admission fees or require spectators to purchase tickets. Followers can simply show up anywhere they like along the route.

This year’s race — the 105th edition of the Tour — began in the Vendee region along the Atlantic coast on July 7 and will conclude in Paris next Sunday.

Here’s a gallery of Associated Press photos focusing on the fans.

Text from the AP news story, AP PHOTOS: Fans at the Tour de France show up in every color

Photos by Christophe Ena and Peter Dejong

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