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Middle East in review

Alyssa GoodmanComment
Middle East in review

Middle East in Review is a monthly gallery that features some of the top photojournalism made by AP staff photographers and freelancers based in AP’s Middle East East, Afghanistan & Pakistan region.  

In this month’s selection, Middle East Regional Photo Editor Maya Alleruzzo shares some of March’s highlights.

Egyptians cast their votes in the country’s Presidential election, with incumbent Abdel-Fattal el-Sissi running against one opponent.

In the Holy Land, Israeli troops fired on Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border, igniting tensions here anew.

Spring holidays across the region gave worshippers of all faiths a moment to take part in ancient rituals.

In Syria, two British militants believed to have been part of an Islamic State group cell notorious for beheading hostages in Syria were unapologetic in their first interview since their capture, denouncing the U.S. and Britain as “hypocrites” who will not give them a fair trial.

The men, along with two other British jihadis, allegedly made up the IS cell nicknamed “The Beatles” by surviving captives because of their English accents.
The nickname belied the cell’s brutality. In 2014 and 2015, it held more than 20 Western hostages in Syria and tortured many of them. It beheaded seven American, British and Japanese journalists and aid workers and a group of Syrian soldiers, boasting of the butchery in videos released to the world.

Speaking to The Associated Press at a Kurdish security center, the two men, El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Amon Kotey, repeatedly refused to address allegations they were part of the cell — clearly having a future trial in mind. They complained that they could “disappear” after Britain reportedly revoked their citizenship.

Curated by Maya Alleruzzo in Cairo