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It has been a little over a year and a half since we have launched our blog and thanks to our followers (you), we have reached over five million views and over half a million visitors. Throughout the year, we have had the privilege of featuring some of the best photojournalism from our photographers all over the world.

Today we highlight our most viewed blog posts of 2015.


1. AP Photographers Honored with NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism Awards

Photos by Oded Balilty, Muhammed Muheisen, Jerome Delay, Hussein Malla, Sergei Grits, Daniel Ochoa de Olza, and Rodrigo Abd

The National Press Photographers Association announced this week the results for its annual Best of Photojournalism contest and several AP photographers were awarded prizes - See the full post


2. Hong Kong's McRefugees

Photos by Vincent Yu

The recent death of a woman at a Hong Kong McDonald’s, where her body lay slumped at a table for hours unnoticed by other diners, has focused attention on the city’s working poor and homeless people, dubbed “McRefugees,” who spend their nights at the fast food outlet’s 24-hour branches  - See the full post


3. Portraits from Rio de Janeiro's 'Cracklands'

Photos by Felipe Dana

The markets are open around-the-clock, pulling in young mothers, truck drivers, the homeless, anyone looking to get high. They are known as “cracolandia,” or crackland, the open-air bazaars found in some Rio de Janeiro slums where crack cocaine users can buy rocks of the drug and smoke it in plain sight, day or night - See the full post


4. World in Review | March 2015

World in Review is a collection of five photo galleries curated by Associated Press photo editors from each region of the world: Asia, Europe and Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean and the United States. This selection from the Middle East includes images of Shiite militiamen preparing to attack Islamic State extremists in Tikrit, Pakistani Christians mourning deaths in their community after a suicide bombing, and Israeli high-school seniors training for military combat fitness - See the full post


5. Portraits of Transgender Youths in South Florida

Photos by Lynne Sladky

The transgender community has gained a degree of acceptance in recent years with the help of such celebrities as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox from “Orange is the New Black.” The young transgender people in South Florida illustrate the hardship this community faces. They also show its resilience. Here are their stories -See the full post


6. India’s Religious Kitchen

Photos & Video by Manish Swarup

A Wordpress Editor's pick that garnered attention for the Sikh service that offers free meals for thousands in India. Service is one of the most integral traditions of gurdwaras. From cleaning to preparing tons of food every day there is plenty of work to be done. And there are plenty of sevadaars, or volunteers, to do it. Each day people from all walks of life pour in to assist. Others come for a free meal - See the full post


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