New Arctic


An Associated Press reporting team sailed through the Arctic Circle’s fabled Northwest Passage on an icebreaker to document the changes global warming has wrought in one of the world’s most fragile environments. During their trip, which turned out to be the earliest crossing of the passage, the team used text, fresh and archival photos, 360 and standard video, animations and data visualizations to give readers an up-close look and understanding of the leading edge of climate change.









The Journey


Map shows MSV Nordica's transit through the Northwest Passage. It was updated live through the trip, using satellite tracking data.


After the voyage


Meet the team


David Goldman, a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, has worked for the AP since 2010. He has covered events in his career ranging from presidential campaigns to Olympic Games, from stories in Afghanistan to small counties in rural America. He most recently has been working on a project exploring the issues dividing America this past election.

Frank Jordans joined the AP as an editor in London in 2005 before moving to Geneva to cover Switzerland and the United Nations for six years. In 2012, he transferred to Berlin, where he reports on news from Germany and science across Europe, with a particular focus on climate change. He is a member of the AP Global Environment Team.

David Keyton is a video journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden and has been with the AP since 2015. While leading the Nordic & Baltic regions, he also serves on the AP’s Global Environment Team, focusing on climate change. Keyton has reported regularly from the Arctic.



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