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Carnival around the world

Nat CastañedaComment
Carnival around the world

All across the globe, revelers took to the streets over the weekend to celebrate Carnival.

Spain has one of the most ancient carnivals in Europe, dating from before the Roman empire. Companies of Joaldunak (cowbells) made up of residents of two towns, Ituren and Zubieta, parade the streets costumed in sandals, lace petticoats, sheepskins around the waist and shoulders, coloured neckerchiefs, conical caps with ribbons and a hyssop of horsehair in their right hands and cowbells hung across their lower back.

In Brazil, merrymakers take to the streets in hundreds of open-air "bloco" parties during Rio's over-the-top Carnival, the highlight of the year for many.

Bolivia's carnival celebrations is a 4-day festival where local people get dressed in costumes and the streets get filled by orchestras and bands, traditional dances and bullfights.

Below is a gallery of this year's celebrations. 

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