Close Up: Photographer Jacquelyn Martin

Jacquelyn Martin joined The Associated Press as a staff photographer in 2006 and is based in Washington, DC. When she’s not shooting for the AP, Martin carves out time to work on personal projects - race, identity, immigration and women’s issues are common themes she explores.

An award-winning photojournalist, Martin is known for her creative vision and innovative approach. She covers a diverse range of topics, from the White House to the National Spelling Bee, and often accompanies the Secretary of State on diplomacy trips around the globe. In addition to political coverage, she is passionate about documentary storytelling. Martin’s personal photography project and written article on the dangers facing people with albinism in Tanzania was used by the AP and picked up by outlets like National Geographic Online to NPR. In 2014, the project was honored with several awards from the National Press Photographers Association. Martin is also known for her compassionate approach - a weather feature she made in January of 2014 resulted in the reunification of a missing young man with his family.

Prior to working with the AP, Martin was a staff photographer at the Birmingham (Ala.) Post-Herald, and later worked as a freelancer for clients including The New York Times. Her work has been honored by the White House News Photographer’s Association, National Press Photographers Association, and the Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW). Martin is currently the Acting Director, and former president of WPOW, a non-profit that educates the public about the work of female photojournalists.

This Monday, Aug. 24, Martin will takeover AP Images’ Instagram feed with her body of work documenting the U.S. Secret Service, an agency charged with protecting the life of President Barack Obama, which celebrated its 150th birthday this past July. Martin’s photo essay highlights the agency's intricate operations.


Below is a selection of Martin’s outstanding imagery during her time at the Associated Press.


Visual artist and Digital Storyteller at The Associated Press