Pakistan School Shooting Aftermath

As they buried their children Wednesday, the families spoke of their dreams. One boy had just gotten high marks on his midterm and hoped to become a pilot. A 13-year-old wanted to become a doctor. Another kid just loved playing video games with his cousins.

At cemeteries across the Pakistani city of Peshawar, families lowered the rough wooden coffins of young boys and their teachers into the cold ground and gathered under funeral tents or at home, trying to comprehend the militant attack a day earlier on a school that killed 148 people, almost all of them young students.

The Pakistani government and military vowed a stepped up campaign aimed at rooting out militant strongholds in the country's tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan.

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Below are photos by Muhammed Muheisen, Chief photographer in Pakistan, taken today in the aftermath of the Army Public School shooting in Peshawar. 

Opening text from the AP news story, Pakistan buries victims of school massacre, by Rebecca Santana and Munir Ahmed.

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