Rohingya women recount rape by Myanmar armed forces


AP reporters traveled to Rohingya camps in Bangladesh to investigate the use of rape by Myanmar’s armed forces against Rohingya women and girls. Narrated by Kristen Gelineau; Photos by Wong Maye-E; Video footage by Dar Yasin, Rishabh Jain, Bernat Armangue, Esther Htusan, Wong-Maye-E, Farzana Hossen, and APTV; Edited by Nat Castañeda

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Crisis-wracked Venezuela turns for hope to broken factories


In cash-strapped Venezuela, there’s no money to buy spare parts. Years of neglect and corrupt management have left in decay Ciudad Guayana, a would-be Pittsburgh carved from the jungles at the edge of the Amazon. Photos and Footage Rodrigo Abd | Editing Dario Lopez-Mills


Mosul: Portrait of a city in ruins


Iraq’s U.S.-backed forces wrested Mosul from the Islamic State group at the cost of enormous destruction, seen here in this footage taken by AP photographer Felipe Dana. The nearly 9-month fight culminated with a crescendo of devastation — the blasting of the historic Old City to root out the deeply dug-in militants. Footage Felipe Dana | Editing Emily Leshner


Hard life, smiles, in abandoned Rio building


Residents bathe in garbage containers filled with water and pass the time playing cards, smoking and watching television thanks to electricity illegally tapped from power lines. The former federal building, just a short walk from iconic Maracana Stadium, has been occupied for several years. But an influx of recent arrivals underscores the fallout from Brazil’s worst economic crisis in decades. Footage Felipe Dana | Editing Renata Brito




Peru’s abundant ruins feel the squeeze of urbanization


Historic sites from Peru’s Inca past are being crowded out and sometimes destroyed as new roads, schools and residential neighborhoods are built to meet the population’s growing demands. Footage and photos Rodrigo Abd | Editing Nat Castañeda