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Top 10 blog posts of 2017

Throughout the year, we have featured some of the top photojournalism made by Associated Press photographers around the world.

Here is a look at our most viewed blog posts of 2017.

1. Mosul endgame in images

Photos by Felipe Dana

The Islamic State group struck back at Iraqi forces in Mosul in July, sending women suicide bombers to target soldiers in a battle for the country's second-largest city. The attacks underscored the intense violence still plaguing the battered nation and the perils that will remain even after IS militants are pushed out of Mosul.

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2. Animals still in cages a year after Buenos Aires zoo closure

Photos by Natacha Pisarenko

Photos by The roar of lions, snorts of rhinos and trumpets of elephants still blend with the cacophony of honking buses and screeching cars passing nearby in one of the most heavily congested areas of Argentina’s capital. A year after the 140-year-old Buenos Aires zoo closed its doors and was transformed into a park, hundreds of animals remain behind bars and in a noisy limbo.

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3. The Loneliest Job

Photos by Charles Dharapak

As the presidency of Barack Obama comes to a close, we are sharing a photo essay  'The Loneliest Job'  by Associated Press photographer and Asia-Pacific Regional Photo Editor Charles Dharapak.

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4. Mosul: Portrait of a city in ruins

Photos by Felipe Dana

There was a smell of death in Mosul’s Old City when Ayman Hashem came back this week to see what happened to his home. His neighborhood was unrecognizable. “All that’s left is rubble and the bodies of families trapped underneath,” the 23-year-old said. He flipped through photos on his phone, showing picture after picture of wreckage. His own house was “cut in half,” he said. He had to cover his nose with his tee-shirt because of the smell of buried, rotting bodies.

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5. Sixty years ago, the Little Rock Nine became a symbol of heroism

On Sept. 25, 1957, two days after a large, white mob turned violent outside Little Rock Central High School, nine black teenagers returned with federal troops. The troops, armed with bayonets, were there on the orders of President Dwight Eisenhower, who was displeased with the riots that had broken out after the teens, six girls and three boys, attempted to attend classes. 

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6. Melee in Catalonia as Spanish police violently attack voters

Photos by Emilio Morenatti, Felipe Dana, Manu Brabo, Manu Fernandez, Francisco Seco, Santi Palacios and Alvaro Barrientos

Spanish riot police smashed their way into Catalan polling stations to try to halt a disputed referendum on independence, firing rubber bullets and attacking voters who were trying to stop them from confiscating ballots. The daylong melee injured at least 761 civilians and 11 police, authorities said.

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7. Banksy's art in West Bank hotel with world's 'worst view'

Photos by Dusan Vranic

A Palestinian guest house packed with artwork of the elusive British graffiti artist Banksy unveiled itself in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, with a sneak peek of what the owner sarcastically called the "hotel with the worst view in the world."

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8. AP image of Turkish assassin wins World Press Photo award

Photos by Burhan Ozbilici

Associated Press photographer Burhan Ozbilici won the 2017 World Press Photo competition, with jurors and colleagues lauding his courage and composure in capturing his image of a gun-wielding off-duty Turkish policeman standing over the body of Russia's ambassador, whom he had just fatally shot.

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9. Peru Snow Star portraits

Photos by Rodrigo Abd

One by one, Associated Press photographer Rodrigo Abd positioned the traditional dancers, musicians and vendors in front of an old-fashioned box camera in Peru’s Sinakara Valley as a colorful Andean festival exploded all around them. 

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10. Catastrophic floods strike Houston

Photos by LM Otero, Charlie Riedel, David J. Phillip, Eric Gay, Melissa Phillip, Mark Mulligan, Brett Coomer, Nick Wagner, Courtney Sacco, Jay Janner and Steve Gonzales

Floodwaters reached the roof lines of single-story homes and people could be heard pleading for help from inside as Harvey kept pouring rain on Houston after a chaotic weekend of rising water and rescues.

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